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Warren Marks, M.D.

Medical Director of Movement Disorder and Neurorehabilitation Program


For one year in college, Warren Marks, M.D., took a year off from science and medicine to pursue another passion of his – architecture.

Today, Dr. Marks looks back at that time as “an interesting diversion,” but it really helps explain who the man really is. After all, he’s built one of the nation’s most highly successful comprehensive clinical centers for pediatric movement disorders.

Dr. Marks, who is one of the first two Endowed Chairs at Cook Children’s, has molded a program where Cook Children’s deep brain stimulation serves as the centerpiece.

Most recently, Dr. Marks has seen the end of years of work with the addition of Cook Children’s Motion Lab, which sees children, teens and young adults who have a variety of complex movement disorders, including cerebral palsy, dystonia and traumatic brain and spine injuries.

He just keeps on adding to a legacy where he has brought together the most advanced technology with a kid-friendly atmosphere.