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This life-saving tip could prevent your child from drowning

What to look for on your children’s life jackets

Before you head to the lake or the pool, take a moment to read the label on your children’s life vests or life-saving swim devices.

It could save their lives.

“For children’s safety, parents should make sure their kids are in U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) approved life jackets,” said Dana Walraven, Cook Children’s Community Health Outreach manager and Safe Kids Tarrant County coordinator. “Not just any flotation device will do. Parents need to check the tag or the inside of the life jacket to make sure it truly is something that will save the child’s life if he or she is in danger of drowning. The USCG life jackets provide buoyancy to keep the child floating and his or her head above the water.”

Walraven asks parents to make sure of the following:

Look for the USCG tag or that it is embroidered somewhere in the life jacket. It is the only way parents can be guaranteed that they have a proper flotation device to protect their children.

Walraven said she’s noticed at the popular go-to shopping centers where entire walls are covered with pool tools and flotation devices, but a closer look shows that none of the gear is U.S. Coast Guard approved.

“Unfortunately, it seems there are more and more equipment to choose from that’s not safe for kids to be using in the water,” Walraven said. “The labels are clearly written. It’s so important for parents to look closely at the labels.”

Learn more about ways to protect your children from drowning with the following resources:

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