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4 reasons why giving your baby goat's milk can be deadly

The Doc Smitty says goat's milk not alternative to modern formula

Goat's milk is not a healthy alternative to formula (preferably cow's milk, followed by soy-based) for your baby.

Here are 4 reasons goat's milk is dangerous and could even be deadly:

  1. It is usually not pasteurized which can lead to all kinds of bad infections (listeria most commonly).
  2. It has more protein so baby's kidneys can't handle it well. This along with high sodium level can lead to strokes.
  3. It doesn't have enough folate which can lead to anemia.
  4. It doesn't have the same electrolytes which can lead to extra acids building up in the baby's body. This causes multiple downstream problems.

Breast is best. Modern formula is really, really good too.

Goat's milk is nothing to kid around with.

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