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World Kiss Day

My how kisses change

World Kiss Day

July 6

‘My how kisses change’

This Sunday is World Kiss Day and I have to declare it’s official; my kids won’t let me kiss them anymore (without a bribe). I didn’t expect it to happen this quick. Somehow when they were ages one and three, I thought they would wait until they were at least 20 before they wouldn’t let me kiss them in public, but not 10 and 12. 

When they were little, I would walk in the door from work and they would run to me on those wobbly legs with their arms open and lips puckered. It was so sweet to come home to their little kisses. My how kisses change. I remember dropping off my oldest at kindergarten and he wanted to walk from the front door to his room by himself. Agh! I let him, but only in exchange for a kiss. Next, he wouldn’t allow me to kiss him at all on school property. Ok I can handle this, because that means I get to kiss you as much as I want to at home! Well for a little while. Now if he doesn’t pick up that fill in the blank because I’ve asked you a thousand times, I’ll kiss you in front of your friends. Wow, that was genius and low blow on my part, but I’m desperate.

How do they seem to instinctively know how to wipe off kisses and run to the next adventure without looking back? It’s their way of saying you did a good job mom. I can do it on my own. 

I’ll take that, but I still want that kiss every now and again.






P.S. It's World Kiss Day! So give your mom a kiss. Of course I encourage them for all family members. In this picture grandmother got a double.