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What Should I Do If My Child Has Something Stuck In His Nose?

Pediatrician explains the 'Mother's Kiss' method

I knew the day would come.

My son Jack marched up to me this morning and announced, "Mama, there's a raisin in my nose!"

And that sucker was pushed in real deep. 

I didn't have any of my fancy extraction tools at home to get it out, so I'm gonna let you in on a little secret I learned about in residency: the "Mother's Kiss." Google it. It's great for getting out small things wedged up your kid's nose.

You close the "open" nostril and blow into your child's mouth. The pressure pops the object right out. It needs to be the "force of a sneeze"... whatever that means.

It worked beautifully for me today. I actually changed it up a bit and closed his mouth while I blew into his "open" nostril (I know...the things we do for our children). I was able to blow it out just enough to reach in and grab it.

Hope this helps you in your time of crisis 

Hugs,Dr. Diane


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