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What is complexity?

Episode 8: Pediatric Leadership Podcast

Organizations have power structures in place and physicians are not trained to understand how they are a part of it.
Mary Uhl-Bien

What is complexity?

The world is changing quickly. The world of medicine is no different. Understanding how these changes affect you, your practice and your organization is critical to your success as a leader. At times, the amount of change can seem overwhelming. It feels at times that there is no order, only chaos.

  • How do we survive in this environment?
  • What is complexity?
  • How do we see it in today’s world, both inside and outside of healthcare?
  • How do we navigate the world of consumerism and value based health care?
  • How do we as leaders prepare to work in this environment?

Listen to this episode of the Pediatric Leadership Podcast with our guest Mary Uhl-Bien is the BNSF Endowed Professor of Leadership at the Texas Christian University Neeley School of Business:

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