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Employee returns to Cook Children’s

Although Karen Black, an arrhythmia clinical assistant, sat in the audience of new-hire orientation, this was not her first introduction to working at Cook Children’s.

Black worked at the Cook Children’s Heart Center for nearly 10 years before deciding to transition over into adult cardiology, but soon realized just how much she missed working with kids.

“A few years after I left, I was really ready to come back to Cook Children’s because I missed it so much,” said Black. “Nobody leaves here because it is such a good company, so I had to wait a few years to get my foot back in the door.”

Her years of hard work and determination paid off, as Black has finally found her way back to Cook Children’s.

“I’m back in the field of cardiology and doing things that I like, so I’m excited,” said Black.

She will be joining one other arrhythmia clinical assistant to perform diagnostic testing for the Heart Center, splitting her time between the medical center and an outpatient clinic.

“They hired me because the job is very busy and very stressful, and since the clinics are so big and the cardiology department is so huge, they have needed help for a while,” said Black.

Although Black is familiar with working at Cook Children’s, so much seems new to her now as the medical center has greatly expanded and evolved over the past 10 years.

“In the 10 years I have been gone it has actually doubled in size, so I’m still getting used to everything,” said Black. “It’s completely different from when I left.”

Black says she is most looking forward to returning to the unique work environment of Cook Children’s, where the atmosphere and care for patient families is unlike anywhere else.

“Cook Children’s has high-quality, professional care, but in a very relaxed environment with the patients because you are here to help make their day,” said Black. “Despite the horrible things they may be going through, you still have to cheer them up. So working here makes you feel good because you know you’re helping somebody, especially kids.”

- Written by Victoria Shelton

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