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Warning from AAP: It’s never safe to drink during pregnancy

American Academy of Pediatrics report focus on dangers of pregnancy and alcohol

The American Academy of Pediatrics has come out strong against expectant moms drinking any amount of alcohol during pregnancy, saying consumption can damage a developing fetus.

In an article published in “Pediatrics,” the AAP says, “no alcohol intake should be considered safe” during pregnancy” and “there is no safe trimester to drink alcohol.”

Key points from the AAP include:

  • Alcohol-related birth defects and developmental disabilities are completely preventable when pregnant women abstain from alcohol use.
  • Neurocognitive and behavioral problems resulting from prenatal alcohol exposure are lifelong.
  • Early recognition, diagnosis, and therapy for any condition along the Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder( FASD) continuum can result in improved outcomes.

During pregnancy, the AAP says:

  • No amount of alcohol intake should be considered safe;
  • There is no safe trimester to drink alcohol;
  • All forms of alcohol, such as beer, wine, and liquor, pose similar risk.
  • Binge drinking poses dose-related risk to the developing fetus.
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