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Top 10 Stories on Checkup Newsroom in 2022

Checkup Newsroom is the top source for news about Cook Children's Health Care System and pediatric health care. From a story of kismet to the opening of a new Medical Center, these are the stories that were the most viewed in 2022.

1.     Baby Formula Recall: Here's What Parents Need to Know:formula recall picture

Starting in February, a nationwide recall affected the supply of infant formula. Parents and caregivers were searching for information to help during the shortage.

2.     Right Time, Right Place: Long-Lost Brother and Sister Brought Together at Cook Children’s

In August, we shared the heartwarming story of Cook Children’s very own Raymond Turner and how a Christmas present of a DNA kit led him to a sister who he never knew he had. His half-sister, Christina Sadberry, has been bringing her son to Cook Children’s for seven years. Go here to watch the reunion video.Raymond Christina reunion

3.     Does My Baby Need His Tongue-Tie Cut?

Dr. Diane received questions from parents about cutting their baby’s tongue ties, the thin band of skin underneath your tongue. She wrote this article after discussing the procedure with many different experts, including a dentist, lactation consultant, speech language pathologist, and an ear-nose-throat physician.

4.     Asking for Some Grace: Cook Children’s Emergency Department, Urgent Care Centers Overwhelmed

Cook Children’s Emergency Department and Urgent Care Centers were overwhelmed with patients starting with the back-to-school season.

5.     Accidental Ingestion of Marijuana in Babies and Toddlers More Than Doubled in 2021

The number of babies and toddlers who screened positive for marijuana in the Emergency Department (ED) at Cook Children’s more than doubled in 2021 from the previous year.

6.     Ongoing Issue: Cook Children’s Desperately Asking for Community’s Help

Visitors waiting in Cook Children's Emergency DepartmentCook Children’s continued to be overwhelmed with patients concerned with COVID-19 and upper respiratory infections, like colds.

7.     Cook Children’s Unveil New Medical Center in Prosper, Blending Technology with Moments of Magic

For the first time in 100 years, Cook Children’s cut the ribbon and debuted a new Medical Center. The state-of-the-art facility was built with everything for the child in mind, including what they'll see and experience as they make their way through the facility. Go here to look inside the new hospital.

8.     Emotional Reunion: Suicide-Attempt Survivor Returns to Cook Children’s to Thank Medical Team

Payton Singh reunionPayton Singh survived a suicide attempt when she was 12 years old. In August, she reunited with members of the medical team at Cook Children’s who helped her on her journey back to health.

9.     Does My Child Have Allergies, COVID, a Cold or the Flu?

A runny nose and cough could point to a few things. We broke down how parents might get a better idea of what their child is suffering from.

10.  Uvalde School Shooting: Cook Children’s Doctors, Experts Share How Parents can Discuss Tragedy, Support Their Children

In the wake of the Uvalde school shooting, our doctors and pediatricians gathered to discuss how parents can help their children after a tragedy.