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The Top 10 Stories Of 2017

You never know what wil capture our reader's attention. Today, we take a look at our most popular stories written in 2017. These are the most viewed stories of the year. Let's start the countdown. 

10. Mom of Drowning Victim Speaks Out after Indictment of Swim Coach

On June 20, 2016, 15 minutes in her warm-up for swim practice, teammates found Elise Cerami unresponsive at the bottom of the pool. A little over a year after her death, one of Elise's swim coaches was indicted on a charge of abandonment and endangering of a child by criminal negligence. Lori Cerami, Elise's mother, wrote an email to us following the decisoin. Read her story. 

9. Let's Learn About Tamiflu

"Ok. Tamiflu. Let's talk about some facts." Our newest entry to the list was just published on Dec. 27, 2017, but an overwhelming response moved the article into our Top 10 most read stories of the year. Dr. Diane Arnaout gives 9 facts every parent should know: Who can take it? Will it help my kiddo? Will it help me? Will it prevent the contraction of the flu? If you want to know, this is the article for you. Click to read.

8. 6 Things To Consider Before You Buy Your Child A Fidget Spinner

Oh, Fidget Spinners! They were all the rage when Doc Smitty wrote this blog. Will it actually work for your child? Will your child's teacher let them use the device? What rules should parents set? Dr. Smith answered all these questions and more, while probably using a fidget spinner! 

7. Blue Whale Challenge Encourages Self-Harm, Suicide

It sounded like something from a horror movie or a hoax, but at least two sets of parents blamed the Blue Whale Challenge for the death of their child. As we looked at it, we found it to be at the very least incredibly creepy. Click to read what one of our child psychologists had to say at the time.

6. Cook Children's Neurosurgeon Talks Medical Phenomenon on National TV

Cook Children's neurosurgeon, Richard Roberts, M.D., appeared on national television to talk about one of the most incredible cases of his career. We went with Dr. Roberts as he appeared on Dr. Oz. Click to read about his appearance on the show and to learn more about the this miraculous story.

5. A Pediatrician Goes In-depth Into MTHFR

What is the MTHFR enzyme? What happens if MTHFR doesn't work? So, what's all the buzz about? The title of the article promised an in-depth look at this topic and that's exactly what the reader got. It's probably the longest, most detailed article we published all year and it still wasn't enough for some people. The article was so popular that we actually ran a follow-up piece. Click to read

4. 'Skeeter Syndrome': Is My Kid's Bug Bite Infected?

Mosquitoes are a big problem and the popularity of this article by Devona Martin, M.D., proves it. "Most people develop some redness and itching after a mosquito bite. Unfortunately, some children will have what’s known as a large local reaction, or 'Skeeter syndrome.' Click to read the rest of her great blog.

3. Hidden Playground Danger To Blame For Leg Fractures In Children

Want to know why you should never go down a slide with a child in your lap? Diane Arnaout, M.D., introduced us her "sweet little buddy Carson" to help her. Carson slid down the slide with his mom and after getting his shoe "caught" on the way down, he ended up with a tibial spiral fracture. Click to read this cautionary tale. 

2. Dry Drowning and Children: What Parents Should Know

Dry drowning and secondary drowning became a hot topic this summer. We hope this article was a calming influence on many nervous parents. We learned how rare these drownings actually are and gave tips to prevent dry drowning. Click to read our second most popular story of the year.

1. When Can My Baby Sleep With A Blanket and Pillow?

Dr. Diane Arnaout promised to get real about the stuff in your kid's crib. She admitted that she lectures her parents about safe sleep: "DO NOT put your baby on their stomach to sleep. DO NOT put anything in your child's crib. DO NOT sleep with your baby in your bed! DO NOT use those darn crib bumpers!" But she had a dramatic reason for telling us all of these things: "Because we don't want your baby to die." Want to read more of why this story was our most popular of the year, click here.  

Thank you to all of our loyal readers. We will be back with more intriguing, interesting and informative posts in 2018.

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