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Tips for Treats: Is This Pediatrician Taking Her Kids Out On Halloween Night?

By Diane Arnaout, M.D. 

Heck yes I am.


Candy my children will eventually forget about and I will enjoy.

Last year, things seemed pretty new and scary when it came to COVID. We were still figuring out how it spread, how kids were affected, and the COVID vaccines weren’t yet available. I was nervous about things, especially because we have loved ones we see often that are immunocompromised.

This year feels a bit different.

All of my adult family members have been vaccinated, and some even with the boosters recently. Also, we know a little more about how COVID is spread – and it seems to be a minimal risk outside in small groups.

So, we’re Trick or Treating this year! Huzzah!

Some ways we’re gonna try to keep it safe –

  1. Trick-or-treating with a smaller group - just the neighbor’s kiddos this year, rather than the 8-house block party parade that always seems to form.
  2. We’re going to try to incorporate masks into our costumes, at least if we are in a crowded area. Super easy to attach kitten whiskers or a mustache on there!
  3. We’re gonna try to avoid those crowded doorways crammed full of kids, and wait our turn to run up to the front porch.

Ways that you, my Candy Supplier, can make things safer for us:

  1. Sit outside at a table with treats! It’s a great way to get to know folks and chat. Not to mention enjoy the beautiful weather we’re having.
  2. Pre-package treats so that the kiddos don’t all rummage their grubby hands into the bowl!
  3. Turn off your porch light if you’re not feeling well. And eat those 30 Twix bars for me.

Have fun this Halloween!

And as my hero Ted Lasso said, "You know how they say that 'youth is wasted on the young?' Well, I say don't let the wisdom of age be wasted on you. I just came up with that. I feel pretty good about it.”


Get to know Diane Arnaout, M.D., a Cook Children's pediatrician at Forest Park

"I didn’t realize how important the job of the pediatrician was until I had kids of my own. My education, experience in medicine, and cocky attitude made me feel like I knew it all before my first one came around. He proceeded to make me very aware of how little I actually knew.

Thankfully he survived, as did the next one, and they’ve helped me to grow and to help YOU, the parent, in so many ways. Sure I’m here to make sure your kids are healthy and happy at all ages. But I’m also here to make sure you’re educated, to make sure your family is thriving, and to make you feel confident in caring for your kids. From diaper rashes to sleep problems to school difficulties - I’m here to help.

I write a lot about common problems and ailments online – you can find me busy on Facebook and Instagram, and I write articles for the Cook Children’s Checkup Newsroom blog. A lot of stuff you’ll hear me say in the office will be typed out on there, too. And we’re in a day and age where the internet helps make connections – you can connect with me on there, or e-mail me anytime.

It takes a village to raise a child – and I’m so grateful to be a part of yours. And as Master Yoda teaches us – “Always pass on what you have learned.” I fully plan to!"

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