Fort Worth, TX,
16:21 PM

The Surgical Team that Made History at Cook Children's

surgery teamOn Jan. 23, 2023, a team of medical experts from multiple specialties collaborated to perform the first separation of conjoined twins, JamieLynn and AmieLynn, in Cook Children's Medical Center's 105-year history.

The medical professionals were separated into two teams, one for each girl. Those in purple scrub hats belong to JamieLynn’s squad, while Team AmieLynn dons the green. Everyone worked together until the babies were separated, then each team focused solely on their assigned baby.

We want to acknowledge and celebrate the individuals who successfully performed this historic surgery at Cook Children's! 

  • Chandra Reynolds, M.D., lead anesthesiologist
  • Cole Carrillo, CRNA, lead CRNA

Team A (JamieLynn)

  • Jose Iglesias, M.D., primary surgeon
  • Daniel Lodwick, M.D., first assistant
  • Ben Gbulie, M.D., plastic surgeon 
  • Syma Monzales, RN, Coordinator
  • Sarah Shaabani, RN
  • Darrell Wortham, CST
  • Claudia Hernandez, CST
  • Imad Yamout, M.D., anesthesiologist
  • Michael Gonzalez, CRNA
  • Raul Guerrero, anesthesia technician

Team B (Amie Lynn Day of AmieLynn and JamieLynn Surgery

  • Marty Knott, D.O., primary surgeon
  • Chad Hamner, M.D., first assistant
  • Eric Hubli, M.D., plastic surgeon
  • Sarah Doyle, RN, coordinator
  • Kristen Cherry, RN
  • Brittney Fuentes, CST
  • Tania Gonzales, CST
  • Gavin Fine, M.D., anesthesiologist
  • Paul Downing, CRNA
  • Daniel Jones, anesthesia technician

Team C (backup on standby)

  • Hailey Hanson, RN
  • Jamie Gomez, RN
  • Rosa Leos, RNFA
  • Diana Bravo, CST


  • Chad Barber, M.D.
  • Mary Frances Lynch, M.D.