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The Evie Way

Orthotic and Prosthetic patient fitted for leg and arm

Facebook Live on Wednesday, Oct. 5

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Katie Frugé looks at her little girl Eve playing outside and knows the challenges that await her little girl. Eve’s mom wants to teach her 5-year-old daughter lessons now that will help her as she grows up in a world that can sometimes seem full of ignorance and even worse, meanness.

“We don’t ever allow Eve to say she can’t do it,” Katie said. “In her daycare class, if kids say she can’t do something, she has fun showing them that she can and proving them wrong. At 5, we are trying to let her do things on her own and not help her as much. We are allowing her to struggle to find her independence. We don’t want to be the helicopter parents.

“We want her to stand on her own.”

Eve’s parents, Katie and D.L., have taught their daughter to be a strong, independent lady. She may not always do things the traditional way, but she finds a way to get it done. They call it the “Evie way.”

The Orthotics and Prosthetics team works to give Eve her independence of a different nature as they work on a new prosthetic leg and arm.

Jillian Warden, an orthotist and prosethetist at Cook Children's, is working to fit Eve with a new arm that will allow her to use a cable to retract and open her hand, as well as grip things.

She’s also getting used to a newly fitted leg. Katie says that Eve is getting comfortable to trust the new leg, but she’s getting more comfortable as she goes to Rehab twice a week.

Eve was born Sept. 18, 2011. Her parents call her a miracle baby after surviving a rupture of the amniotic sac, which happened when she was at only 6 weeks gestation.

“While her life was graciously spared, her body was badly injured,” her parents wrote in their blog shortly after her birth.

While still in the womb and the size of an adult’s pinky finger, Eve lost her right leg and left arm. She was born with only one badly clubbed left leg and bands inside the placenta removed two fingers from her right hand.

Eve continues the determination she brought with her just to survive into her world today as a spunky 5 year old. She’s a Disney kid and loves her visit to the parks. She frequents the park so often she casually name checks Ariel from the Little Mermaid as if they are old chums. She says the characters recognize her when she goes to the park.

She can draw with her toes or dress her princess dolls with her hand and foot.

It’s all part of doing things Evie’s way.

Orthotics and Prosthetics

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