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Pokéstop: Popular game meant for patient families only

Who should (and shouldn't) be playing Pokémon at Cook Children's

At Cook Children's, we encourage fun as a way to help our patients and families heal. However, our commitment is to the protection, safety and care of our patients and their families. Because of this, having people come to our campuses (which are private) with the intention of catching pokemon, instead of seeking patient care, will be asked to leave.

In addition to Pokemon Go posing a security risk to our patients, it also puts users at risk of violating federal privacy laws.

"Pokemon Go is a fun activity for our patients and their siblings. It's a great way to get our kids out of their beds and moving. But the game at Cook Children's should only be played by patients and their families," said Winifred King, assistant vice president of Public Relations at Cook Children's. "However, for the safety of our patients, we have to discourage anyone planning to come to our medical center as well as primary and urgent care facilities with the sole purpose of playing Pokemon Go, or similar games."

Patients are protected from having their picture taken. A picture taken of a child without written consent from a parent or guardian is a violation of the child's privacy. We ask that no one take pictures at Cook Children's without written consent. 

When talking to your children about playing Pokemon Go at Cook Children's, please remember the following:

  • Talk to your children about playing the game. Look up and watch where you are going and be courteous walking down the halls, especially with small or ill children in the area. 
  • Stay out of unauthorized areas. Keep game play to the common areas of the medical centers or other Cook Children's locations.
  • Parents please walk with your children and play with them while they have the game. It's a great activity for both parent and child to play while waiting for an appointment or while a sibling is in for a physician or a clinic visit. But parent supervision is strongly encouraged.

"At Cook Children’s, we encourage fun, but not at the expense of our patients' security or privacy," King said. "We thank our wonderful community for their understanding and their support for our patients and their families."

Read Pokémon Go, but be careful for more information about the game.

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