Fort Worth, Texas,
16:20 PM

Patient Turned Superhero Saves Doctor from Evil Villains

Cook Children’s oncologist “rescued” by patient as part of his wish to be superhero

A jet explodes into flames. Dastardly villains capture a Cook Children’s oncologist, take her away and tie her up at a nearby helicopter.

All hope seems lost, until an urgent call is placed to a grade school in Grand Prairie, Texas on an otherwise ordinary Friday morning.

Only one special person with super powers can save us now.

Super Aidan!

By day Aidan is an ordinary 7 year old. But during these desperate times, and thanks to the careful planning of Make-A-Wish North Texas, he dawns a superhero outfit to fight crime. The suit, made from his own invention, is equipped with laser beam glasses, propellers with flames on his back, claws and bombs.

“Good morning, Texas! We have some breaking news,” Aidan and his classmates hear as they watch a video. “Villains have taken over the town. So far, villains have been reported at three locations around the area. Currently, Dr. Akers from Cook Children’s Health Care System is being held hostage. We need someone to rescue her so she can help more children. Our friends at Make-A-Wish North Texas told us they know of a brave, strong superhero that can help. Super Aidan, if you’re watching this, your community needs you. It’s time to suit up and save the town!”

Aidan is watching and he springs into action.

He changes into his superhero gear. Before he can save Dr. Akers, he has work to do. He begins his day rescuing his librarians from even more villains and then is whisked away to GameStop HQ. But this is no time for games! That’s because bad guys have made the mistake of holding all the games and staff hostage. Their evil plans are foiled once again by Super Aidan.

He doesn’t have time for “thank yous” though. Lauren Akers, M.D., an oncologist at Cook Children’s needs him! A police escort rushes Aidan to DFW Airport’s Fire Training Research Center in a limo (a superhero with class). Then he is taken by an armored SWAT unit to the sight of the fire. The plane is blazing, but Aidan helps to put it out (while safely in the truck). Then he rushes out of the truck and defeats Flame and then Howler, the villains holding his doctor hostage.

He unties Dr. Akers and rescues her to the cheers of onlookers. Even the bad guys have learned their lesson from Aidan and converted to good. Heck, they may even have some spaghetti and cake afterwards.

Aidan gives Dr. Akers the quickest of hugs. After all, he’s still a 7-year-old boy underneath that superhero suit.

Finally, he gives a press conference to the media in attendance and enjoys a celebration day.

The reporters come at him with hard questions.

“Tell us how you designed your costume,” someone asks.

“All by myself,” Super Aidan answers.

This is the conclusion of a remarkable day, made possible by an incredible effort from so many people. While battling and overcoming cancer at Cook Children’s, Aidan wished to be a superhero. Thanks to the MAKE-A-Wish North Texas, DFW Airport Fire Training Research Center, Cook Children’s, GameStop, Grand Prairie ISD, The DFW Police and many more people, that wish became a reality on Friday.

It’s hard to believe that only two years ago this little boy wasn’t fighting bad guys, he was fighting Wilms’ tumor (also known as nephroblastoma).

When Aidan was 5, his mother, Leslie, was concerned because her son wasn’t eating like normal and didn’t seem to quite himself. She took him to her pediatrician and he was promptly transferred to Cook Children’s Medical Center.

Within a 24-hour period, Aidan was diagnosed with cancer, began chemotherapy and had surgery to implant a port.

“It was my worst nightmare,” Leslie said. “You want to take all this away from your kids, but you can’t. Fortunately, we were at the right place. Cook Children’s was the right place.”

Over the next few months, Aidan had his left kidney removed after chemo failed to shrink the tumor. Continued radiation treatment eliminated the cancer that spread to both lungs.


Today, Aidan is in remission, playing sports and fighting crime thanks to the careful planning of Make-A-Wish North Texas.

“Aidan was never sad. He was always optimistic,” Leslie said. “He didn’t let cancer beat him. He was a hero for real. It makes sense to be doing what we’re doing for him. My kid is strong. He’s a hero. He doesn’t know what a hero he was. Now, I hope this helps him see it.”

Before her rescue, Dr. Akers stands with her captors. The “villains” are excited. They are stretching and getting ready for their epic battle.

Dr. Akers admits to being a bit of an introvert and this is not a normal day for her. She’s never done anything like this before, but for Aidan she wouldn’t dream of saying no.

“I have been with him from the beginning. He’s had an amazing journey. They are a really special family,” Dr. Akers said.

Having Dr. Akers take time away from her busy schedule means so much to Aidan’s family.

“It’s been very emotional,” Joe Wallace, Aidan’s dad, said. “Just seeing him so much better than where he was. I talked to Dr. Akers today. Two years ago, we took him to the hospital and he couldn’t even breathe. Today, he’s doubled his weight. He’s eating. To have Dr. Akers here means a lot. She saves kids every day and for her to get saved, it was his doctors that brought him back. It’s just amazing.”

Not that long ago, all Aidan’s parents wanted was an ordinary 7 year old.

But he’s so much more than that now.

He’s extraordinary.

No, he’s a superhero.

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