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Parents Magazine: Cook Children's Audiologist Weighs In on Headphone Use

Cook Children’s Lisa Vaughan, Au.D., manager of Cook Children’s Audiology Program, is featured in the June issue of Parents Magazine under the column “Paging Dr. Mom.”

She gives tips to parents about the importance of checking the volume of their child’s headphones and earbuds. The question for the column: My child wears headphones for school and on long car rides. Can this hurt their hearing? The answer, yes.

We live in a world where children love to watch movies or play games on their electronic devices, but Vaughan warns that prolonged headphone use can be risky.

“What is ‘too loud’ can vary based on a child’s ear size, type of headphones, and length of listening time,” Vaughan said.

With children having control of how loud or soft the volume is in their ear, she says listening at too high a volume can cause permanent hearing damage.

Vaughan explains if you can hear what your child is listening to, the volume is too loud and urges parents to use headphones with volume limits.

In the column, she also teaches parents that headphones are always a better route to go than earbuds, and often the volume has to be louder in earbuds to compensate for the way they fit in a child’s ear.

Lastly, she gives guidance that best practice may be for your child to go without headphones, but to also remember that external speakers can also be a hazard if your child is too close or the volume is too loud.

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