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New Robotic Surgery Provides Most ‘Precise and Meticulous’ Care Available

Cook Children’s Urology Team uses latest and most advanced technology

Chance Jones earns an affectionate giggle from his mom as he runs loudly through the house.

“Oh Lord. He’s my wild child,” Candice Morgan, Chance’s mother, says between a laugh and a sigh at her little boy.

Chance never stops. He acts like … well, like a typical 1 year old. No one would ever know this same little “wild child” experienced major surgery last week.

Chance underwent robotic surgery where the Cook Children’s Urology team sewed one ureter to another, using the new da Vinci® XI™ Surgical System.

Candice marvels at the three tiny incisions, less than an inch long, on her son’s lower abdomen. “I was worried at first,” Candice said. “My oldest son had surgery on his belly and he has one scar that’s still probably three inches long and that was 13 years ago.”

The da Vinci Xi provides minimally invasive surgery, but the robotic technology also allows the surgeons performing the procedure the latest in technology to operate the precision control system.

Jonathan Kaye, M.D., one of the members of Cook Children’s world-renowned urology team, performed the surgery on Chance. He and Blake Palmer, M.D., also a renowned and accomplished robotic surgeon and fellow member of the Cook Children’s Robotic team, have already successfully completed several such cases at Cook Children’s since the Robotic program began here in August.

The surgery itself looks like a cross between the latest in futuristic robot technology and the coolest video game you could ever play.

The surgeon sits in a chair and looks into a screen that reminds you of what you’ve seen people wear to watch virtual reality. He performs the surgery by placing his fingers in what looks like a gloved device. The surgeon uses his fingers to control the robot’s arms and the screen to perform the surgery.

“This is truly the latest and most advanced technology in our field. This technology will allow us to provide minimally invasive surgery on any number of procedures, ranging from the most routine to the most complex cases,” Dr. Kaye said. “It is the type of technology we are always looking for as surgeons because it allows us to provide the most precise and meticulous operation possible.”

Along with the precision of the surgery itself, the minimally invasive procedure reduces much of the pain and many complications associated with open procedures surgeons usually perform.

“This surgery helps with the goal we all have as a team and at Cook Children’s – to return these kids back to being kids as quickly as possible,” Dr. Palmer said. “The surgeries we perform with the da Vinci are still complex. No surgery is routine when it is your child. But because the surgery is minimally invasive, we are able to return the children home more quickly than most parents ever thought possible. Many are home the same day or the next day.”

Chance stayed overnight, but by the next day there was little doubt he was ready to go home.

“It’s really great and pretty amazing,” Candice said. “With him being 1 and very active, it’s great to not have a big incision. When friends and family heard he had just had surgery, they couldn’t believe it. He was just all over the place like nothing happened.”

Meet the Urology Team at Cook Children's:

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