Fort Worth, Texas,
17:25 PM

National Prematurity Day

From 13 ounces to 27 pounds, Braelynn's a big girl now

Three years ago, Amanda Wallgren  went in for her monthly prenatal appointment in Abilene, Texas. Amanda did her normal blood work and was sent home. Thirty minutes later, she received a call from her doctor to return to the hospital in Abilene immediately.

Once there, she was told they had to get the baby out immediately. Amanda was prepped for surgery and within 40 minutes Braelynn was born. Braelynn weighed 13 ounces at birth - the size of a can of soda. At the hospital in Abilene, Braelynn needed a special type of ventilator to help her survive and they did not have it at the hospital.

She was transported by Cook Children's Teddy Bear Transport to Cook Children's 8 hours after her birth.At a week old, Braelynn was diagnosed with bilateral grade inter-ventricular hemorrhage which is the most severe form of brain bleeds. Braelynn has had her right lung collapse twice.  

Braelynn is a big girl and has made immense progress against the odds. She's talking, walking, running and counting to 13. Braelynn turned 3 on Aug. 30, 2014 and now weighs 27 pounds. We met Braelynn as a baby and this is her story. 


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