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Ivy's Story

Our first cardiac patient to benefit from 3D printing technology

Cook Children's 3D aPPROaCH Lab

The new three-dimensional lab for the planning and printing of congenital heart disease (3D aPPROaCH Lab) uses advanced technology to support pre-surgical planning and family education for patients with complex heart conditions. This is accomplished through the use of both 3D virtual viewing and 3D printing. Cook Children's is one of the only pediatric healthcare facilities in the United States to combine these technologies. This cutting-edge technology allows cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons the ability to fully understand a patient's complex heart defect and plan their procedures and surgeries to the finest of details. It also allows for doctors to practice and perform procedures prior to the patient entering the operating room. Click here to learn more.

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Jarvis Michie
Wow! This medical technology is breath-taking. The skill exhibited by Dr. Tam and his staff at Cook Children's is unsurpassed. Congregation!