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Hutson's Hats

A patient and his family battle B-Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Hutson Liles is just a kid with an invisible diagnosis, advocating parents and a love for hats.

Hutson Liles and his hats

 "Hutson turned 3 and started having several unsettling symptoms all together that I didn't feel were right," Hutson's mother Heather Liles said. "We asked for a blood test up front, and our [primary] doctor never ordered one. We were told his leg pain was just growing pains, bruises were just bruises and that his swollen face was just because of allergies."

Heather pushed for more answers because she knew something wasn't right. Hutson was finally sent for a blood test.

"His swollen lymph nodes were 'fine,'" Heather said. "But something in my heart told something was wrong."

With his mother's intuition guiding his way, Hutson's diagnosis was confirmed, along with his parents' worst suspicions.

"After generic blood tests ordered by his doctor, we came to Cook Children's to have new blood work done and received the diagnosis that same day," Hutson's father Bo Liles said.

Hutson is diagnosed with B-Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and although his life is centered around treatments, his parents still make time for him to still be a kid.

"Being in treatment is a new routine, one that is based around medicine and keeping ourselves and our surroundings ordered and germ free," Bo said. "But mostly, we want him to be a three year-old boy; to play with his hot wheels and dinosaurs, to eat French fries on car rides and ice cream cones. We stay focused on treatment because he deserves a great summer as he beats cancer."

Hutson has found a love for his hat collection throughout his battle with cancer, and his parents love that he has a piece of his life he can choose and control.

Hutson Liles and his hats

"Hutson has a lot of hats," Bo said. "He loves picking his own hats out, which we know will serve us well at various stages of treatment."

Despite spending so much time at Cook Children's during treatment, the Liles family has found comfort in their nurses and doctors.

"We have been absolutely blessed to have the Cook Children's community to surround us and guide us through this treatment as a family from day one," Bo said. "Grateful is just the beginning of how we feel, from our amazing doctor, Dr. Lauren Akers, to Hutson's favorite nurse, Allie Barnes, every step from in-patient to his clinic visits are full of patience, positive vibes and thoroughness!"

- Story written by Ashely Parrott

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