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How Much Should My Child Be Eating Every Day?

By Michelle Bailey, M.D.

It’s a common question to ask your pediatrician. "What is the daily calorie need of your infant or child?"

Here’s a chart that covers the normal daily calorie need to sustain healthy growth. Average weight and lengths are listed for reference for infants. Base the calorie needs of your growing infant more off of their weight and height, rather than their age, until age 2. Also listed is the approximate number of ounces of breastmilk or formula your infant should consume to obtain the daily necessary calories (for a solely breastfed or formula fed infant, it does not take into account the calories from pureed baby foods).

Age Weight Length Avg. Calorie Needed Per Day Approximate ounces of formula/breastmilk
1 month 9.5 pounds 21.5 inches 455 24
2 months 11.5 pounds 23 inches 530 28
3 months 13 pounds 24 inches 545 29
4 months 15 pounds 25 inches 530 28
5 months 16 pounds 25.5 inches 575 30
6 months 17.5 pounds 26.5 inches 625 33
7 months 18.5 pounds 27 inches 650 34
8 months 19.5 pounds 27.5 inches 680 36
9 months 20.5 pounds 28 inches 710 37
10 months 21.5 pounds 28.5 inches 760 40
11 months 22 pounds 29 inches 780 41
12 months 23 pounds 29.5 inches 810 42


Age Average daily calorie nees (for a moderatively active child/not sedentary)
2 years 1,00 calories
3 years 1,200 calories
4-5 years 1,400 calories
6-7 years 1,500 calories
8-9 years 1,600 calories
10 years 1,800 calories
11 years 1,900 calories
12-13 years 2,000 for girls, 2,200 for boys
14-15 years 2,000 for girls, 2,400-2,600 for boys
16-18 years 2,000 for girls, 2,800 for boys

These daily calorie counts are a general guideline, but other factors such as chronic medical conditions, medications, and extreme physical activity can change what your child actually requires in a day. If you are concerned your child is not eating enough, or is eating too many calories in a day, schedule an appointment with your pediatrician.

Get to know Michelle Bailey, M.D.

I’m a board-certified pediatrician, passionate about ensuring the well-being of patients ranging from newborn through late teens.

I attended medical school at the University of Oklahoma (Boomer!), and completed my pediatric residency in Houston.

Since the completion of residency I’ve worked in outpatient clinics and enjoy not only caring for my young patients, but becoming a part of every family by building long-lasting, trusting relationships. While I treat common and not-so-common childhood infections and diseases, I especially have a passion for asthma and allergies, nutrition, and ADHD along with other learning disorders.

I’m married and we have a rescue dog named Jack. When not at work, I enjoy attending cultural events and traveling. To make an appointment with Dr. Bailey, click here or call 682-303-1000.

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