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Hey Kids, What Do You Know About COVID-19?

Compiled by Michelle Bailey, M.D.

I pooled a few of my patients with their parents’ permission and asked four questions about COVID-19, school attendance during the pandemic, and the COVID-19 vaccine. Here are their unpressured, unedited responses:

Q1. What do you know about COVID-19?

  • It’s a disease, it’s contagious, it’s killing people. LJ, age 10
  • It’s a disease that people are dying from, but I’m wearing my mask and washing my hands to protect myself and my brother. Willow, age 13
  • You can die. It’s a pandemic, and you always have to wear a mask and social distance. That’s all I know. Kennedy, age 8
  • So what I know about COVID-19, it that it’s the coronavirus. When I go to school, I have to wear a mask, and my teacher has to wear a mask. And when we go to the grocery store, we have to wear a mask. Tinsley, age 5
  • It’s a virus that can kill you and people are taking it as a joke. Ember, age 13
  • You could die if you get it if it gets bad. You have to wear a mask and wash your hands. Mackenzie, age 12
  • It’s a bad virus that can kill people if they don’t wear their masks. Brandon, age 10

Q2. How do you feel about going to school during the pandemic?

  • I’d prefer to be back at school. Willow, age 13
  • I’m anxious about going back, I’m afraid I’ll catch it, and I’m afraid my sister with catch it. I’m anxious because not everyone is wearing their mask. LJ, age 10
  • It feels okay, I don’t like the dividers, they’re annoying. And I don’t like wearing my mask, that’s annoying. Kennedy, age 8
  • School is great, but I don’t like to wear a mask because it makes me hot. Tinsley, age 5
  • It’s not safe, but at least I get an education. Ember, age 13
  • I feel normal now because I got used to the mask. It’s just annoying because we have to go certain directions in the hallways and stairs. Mackenzie, age 12
  • I feel like it’s hard to breathe under my mask but I am more used to it now. Brandon, age 10

Q3: What do you think or know about the COVID-19 vaccine?

  • I think it comes out in 2021. I think that it would really help a bunch of people who are and aren’t sick to help stop corona or hold it back. Willow, age 13
  • I think it will be the sweet release of 2020 to 2021. LJ, age 10
  • All I know, is they just made it, the scientists and the doctors made it. Kennedy, age 8
  • All I know is that you have to have mommy open medicine and give it to you, because it could be poisonous. Tinsley, age 5
  • Is there even one? Then why haven’t they brought it out so everyone can get it? Ember, age 13
  • It helps prevent COVID. Mackenzie, age 12
  • I don’t know about it. Brandon, age 10

Q4: Would you get the COVID-19 vaccine if it was an option?

  • YES! Willow, age 13
  • Oh yes, I want a lessened chance of getting it or spreading it. LJ, age 10
  • Yeah, I’d probably get it. (then she said to her mom, “Did I pass?!”) Kennedy, age 8
  • Yes. Tinsley, age 5
  • Yes, if it will prevent you from getting it. Ember, age 13
  • Yes, after a month of people getting it to know the side effects. Mackenzie, age 12
  • I don’t know. Brandon, age 10

How does YOUR child respond to the above questions? Have a conversation today, they’ll likely surprise you with more intuitive answers that you think.

As for the COVID-19 vaccine, I will personally get it as soon as possible. I have asthma and am high risk for complications, plus I want to be as healthy as I can so I can always be available for my patients in my clinic.

Having difficulty initiating a conversation with your child about COVID 19? Here’s an article from April with great insight. In short, be honest and open, and validate their feelings. Feeling scared or anxious isn’t “wrong”. And NOT feeling scared or anxious right now isn’t “wrong” either.

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