Fort Worth, TX,
15:44 PM

Happy Birthday, Garth, from Cook Children's - The Dance

Happy Birthday, Garth Brooks, from Cook Children's. This video is in celebration of country music singer and songwriter Garth Brooks and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Child Life Zone. 

Garth Brooks is a major supporter of Teammates for Kids, which establishes Child Life Zones across the country. He has been a catalyst for the Child Life Zone at Cook Children's. His impact has been healing for those still here in "the dance" as well as those whose legacy still dances on.

Child Life Zones are interactive patient spaces designed to foster creative arts for patients and siblings. Cook Children's was the home to one of the original Aikman's End Zones, built in 1997. The current Child Life Zone at Cook Children's was completed in 2012. Troy Aikman and Garth both attended the opening of that event. 

The Child Life Zone at Cook Children's includes:

  • A state-of-the-art recording studio and broadcast studio with an in-house TV station
  • The colorful Flipside Teen (Game) Room
  • The Bomar Patient Library 
  • A large space for family activities
  • A sensory niche for patients who need a quiet, soothing space

The Child Life Zones allow kids a chance to free play or participate in scheduled events, including live game shows.