Fort Worth, TX,
15:00 PM

Fort Worth Magazine: The Separation of AmieLynn and JamieLynn

Fort Worth Magazine featured the doctors on JamieLynn and AmieLynn's care team for the April 2023 - Top Doctors special issue.

José L. Iglesias, M.D., FACS, Medical Director of Pediatric Surgery at Cook Children’s Medical Center, who was the lead surgeon during Cook Children's first separation of conjoined twins, was featured on the cover - “Inside Cook Children's Miraculous Separation of Conjoined Twins.”

Dr. Iglesias, Ben Gbulie, M.D., plastic surgeon; Chandra Reynolds, M.D., lead anesthesiologist; Marty Knott, D.O., primary surgeon; Mary Fran Lynch, M.D., neonatologist; and Chad Barber, M.D., neonatologist were featured in the nine-page spread. This issue is available on newsstands now.

Fort Worth Magazine: “It’s rare as it is, being born as conjoined twins. And to survive as long as they have, even rarer. But to separate via a historic procedure at Cook Children’s Medical Center makes the lives of AmieLynn and JamieLynn Finley a miracle.”

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Dr. Iglesias FW Magazine Cover