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Could I Be Making Too Much Breast Milk?

A lactation consultant has the answer

Often babies who are dealing with oversupply gulp, choke, clamp down on the nipple, and pull away during feeds. Moms report short feeds, babies only wanting one breast, and milk spraying when the baby comes off, especially at the beginning. These babies may also have green, frothy stools, spit up, or seem fussier than expected.

These symptoms alone do not necessarily indicate too much milk, however, and shouldn’t be used as the only indicator to adjust milk production.

Too much milk isn’t harmful however it can be uncomfortable to mom, always feeling full and may cause clogged ducts, which can lead to mastitis. Breastfeeding may seem more like a battle between you and your baby, and described as more of a “love-hate” relationship as well.

Mothers with overabundant supply also tend to have babies who gain weight more rapidly than the 2 pounds per month gain that we usually see in the first few months.

If you perceive that this is the situation that you are facing, you should contact your child’s pediatrician or schedule an appointment with a lactation consultant.

Get to know Holly Erwin, Cook Children's Virtual Lactation Consultant

Holly Erwin, LVN, IBCLC, is a mom of three boys and has worked as a pediatric nurse for over 11 years within the Cook Children's Health Care System. When not working, she spends her time running to and from sports for her boys, being outside with her family and dreaming of traveling with her husband of 10 years. For now, she settles for their bi-annual date-night!

Through her own children and the thousands of moms that she has helped over the years, Holly found a special interest in infants and breastfeeding. In 2015, she became internationally board certified as a lactation consultant and now works as an IBCLC virtually through the Cook Children's telemedicine department. Schedule an appointment with our virtual lactation consultant.

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