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Cook Children's Pediatricians Celebrate Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! To celebrate this special day, we asked some of our pediatricians to share the best piece of advice they've received from their moms, grandmothers or mother figures in their lives. 

Osaretin Aimuyo, M.D., Cook Children's Pediatrics Arlington
“My mother has always told me, 'If you aim for the treetop, you'll never leave the ground. But if you aim for the sky, you will always reach the tree.' It was her way of telling me to always aim high and have strong aspirations.”
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Diane Arnaout, M.D., Cook Children's Pediatrics Forest Park
“Even though I’m a pediatrician with 13 years of experience, I still go to my mom for advice about my kids. From burping my grumpy infant to helping my school-aged kid with school troubles, mom has always had reassuring words to help me realize that it’s all going to be okay.  Also she taught me that if my kid smells a lemon in the car, she won’t puke from motion sickness. Mind-blowing. Mom is the MVP.”

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Sireesha Mutyala, M.D., Cook Children's Pediatrics Plano Legacy
"Always volunteer in your neighborhood, school and church or temple. Being involved gives you a voice and builds a better community!"

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Alice Phillips, M.D., Cook Children's Pediatrics Cityview
“My mom always told me being a grandmother was the best but she still had good advice for me.  She pushed me to take care of myself.  ‘Take care of Ben and Annie’s Mom. She will be a better mom if you do.' Even though she is not with me anymore, I still feel her presence in the many lessons she shared with me. Once a mom. Always a mom.”

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Rekha Sivadasan, M.D., Cook Children's Pediatrics Frisco
“One of the best pieces of advice my mother ever gave me was ‘Listen to your inner voice, do the best you can and leave the rest in God’s hands.' I have made this my mantra for life!”

Dr. Sivadasan






Karen Evans, M.D., Cook Children's Pediatrics Parkwood
“Advice from mother: ‘Know that you are loved.  Strive to be and do better than the generation before you.  For this, live your life in honor to God and your path will be made clear.’”

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Bianka Soria-Olmos, D.O., Cook Children's Pediatrics Haslet
“The most important advice from the two most important women in my life came in the form of day-to-day lifelong lessons. I was fortunate to have my abuelita (grandmother) live with my family when I was growing up. She was the matriarch of our family until her death a few years ago. She reminded me ‘Ser fuerte y trabajadora. Es mas que suficiente para lograr todo lo que tu quieras’ ('Be strong and hardworking. It is more than enough to achieve everything you want.') From my mom I have learned a lot about balancing motherhood and a career. I've always looked up to her and now enjoy seeing her love for my boys.”

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