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Becky Clem

Education Coordinator, Rehab Services


Becky Clem, MA, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT, Education Coordinator Rehab Services, is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Listening-Spoken Language Specialist with AVT certification. Having worked in the Cook Children’s Rehab Services Department for 27 years, she is passionate about working with babies and young children with cochlear implants, mentoring/coaching, family centered care and health literacy. Currently she serves on the coordinating committee for SIG 9 on Hearing and Hearing Disorders in Childhood for the American Speech and Hearing Association. Previously she served on the AG Bell Certification Council. As a member of the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss she mentors in the summer teacher-training program in Vietnam. Her publications appear in the ASHA Perspectives, Volta Review, Pediatric Audiology Case Studies (Flexer and Madell, 2010) and Auditory-Verbal Therapy (Estabrooks, 2016). She presents at state, national, and international conferences. When not working, Becky adores reading, cooking, yoga, TCU football, and most of all time with her husband Keith, their two adult daughters, and one-year old granddaughter.