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A Letter To Dak: 'Best Day Here at [Cook Children's]'

Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Dak Prescott plays live in front of thousands every Sunday and millions of more people watch him from home, but during a recent visit to Cook Children's the quarterback showed how impressive he can be when he's just one-on-one with a patient. 

Prescott joined teammates during the Cowboys' annual holiday trip to Cook Children's Medical Center on Monday, Dec. 9, 2019. After greeting patients and their families in the Atrium, Prescott visited individual patients who couldn't leave their room. 

It was during one of those visits that Dak met Joey, 13 years old. Dak's visit inspired Joey to write a paper for school about meeting the Cowboys' quarterback. 

"We are in the Stem Cell Transplant unit which means we are isolated from the rest of the hospital. We don't get to participate in the activities that are going on in this amazing place which is why this visit meant so very much to Joey," Denise wrote. "The fact that Dak took the time to come up and even get dressed so he could come into Joey's room speaks volumes for the character of this man."

Joey title his paper, "Best Day Here at [Cook Children's] Hospital." He wrote about meeting Prescott and Cook Children's holiday tradition, Christmas Extravaganza, which includes fireworks and a visit from Santa outside of the medical center. Joey's paper read:

"I actually had the best two days. The first one being a winter wonderland and the second being I got to meet Dak Prescott. The whole time I've been here has been such an amazing time, with wholesome nurses and a great will. My strength (is) so great thanks to the people around me, and my fighting will keeping me going in top shape. 

I have been doing an amazing job keeping active and eating well, defying all the odds. The winter wonderland was beautiful. Fireworks right outside our window and the lighting of a huge tree. I got to see both shows with my parnets and I really enjoyed the night. Now I really was surprized to see Dak Prescott and I got a small hint when my mom asked what team Dak was on and a couple of other people. 

I was incredibly shocked and in awe. He actually was the one person I actually thought about meeting. So it was incredible to meet him and hang out for a bit with him."

And while Joey was left star struck by his favorite Cowboys player, Denise also has her own heroes. 

"The staff here at [Cook Children's] are truly God's workers, especially the ones on our unit," she wrote. "They treat us like family and make us feel so welcome, safe and at home. They are so incredibly kind and caring to Joey and keep his spirits up during this incredibly difficult time. They encourage and motivate him every day to be active and cheer him on every step of the way. Joey tells me every day how wonderful and thankful he is to his nurses. He looks forward to his therapy team as well. PT & OT make it feel like game time instead of therapy time. Everyone here is just outstanding! I can honestly say we couldn't do this without them! We feel so blessed to have [Cook Children's] so close to our home.”

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