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7 Questions Answered About Pneumonia

Pediatricians on symptoms, treatment and when it’s an emergency

Along with the flu, we are seeing a lot of pneumonia in our Emergency Department and in our pediatrician’s offices.

These visits are most commonly a secondary infection with the flu and RSV.

“Actually, pneumonia has been what kills many people with the flu,” Audrey Rogers, M.D., a pediatrician at Forest Park, said. “The flu weakens your immune system and allows the bacteria to take hold and cause an infection in the air sacks of the lungs. That is what a classic bacterial pneumonia causes.”

Viruses cause inflammation of the air tubes more than the air sacks. But the bacteria cause a lot of damage and if it destroys enough of the air sacks it can be fatal. If your immune system is already weak it can be much worse. Infants, the elderly and immunosuppressed people are especially at risk if they have pneumonia. Classic pneumonia is usually diagnosed with a chest X-ray.

Pneumonia Q&A



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