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10 weird things you might find in your baby's diapers

Doc Smitty gives the scoop on poop and other things found

There are some interesting things that happen when you have a newborn.

  • You will be awake during hours of the night you didn’t even know existed.
  • You will begin to interpret everything as a smile.
  • You will allow words like spit up and poop become normal dinner conversation.

As you talk about poop, you will uncover something you will be concerned about or at least something that gets your attention. So, here are some weird things you might find in a baby’s diapers:

  1. No poop - Babies need to poop in the first day or two after birth to prove that they can. After that, skipping a day or two shouldn’t concern you.
  2. Lots of poop - Infrequent stools can be normal but so can pooping all day long every day. It’s also not uncommon for babies to poop every meal with a few stuck in the middle. So much poop, you literally can’t even.
  3. All the colors - Pretty much any color stool can be normal. Yellow, green and brown are the most common. In the first few days, it will be black. But there is one color that should get your attention…
  4. White or clay-colored poop – This is the one poop color that should prompt an immediate visit to the doctor. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. It can point toward a rare, but serious liver condition and the baby needs to be seen.
  5. Seeds in poop – These little flecks are common in breastfed babies and won’t grow breast milk trees if planted although that would be cool.
  6. Blood or mucous poop – This could be a sign that your child is allergic to the protein in their milk. Call your doctor.
  7. Red specks in pee – These little red crystals are not blood but are actually urate crystals. They are common and normal.
  8. Swollen scrotum – If your little boy has one sided scrotum swelling or both sides are increasing in size, it could be a hernia. This is much more of an emergency if the baby seems to be in pain or there is redness of the skin.
  9. Diaper rashes – Most of these are just general irritation from stool. For those, large amounts of thick cream, keep stool off the skin and allow it to heal (you probably aren’t using enough).
  10. Bloody or clear/white vaginal discharge – This discharge is very common and is the result of hormonal changes that occur after birth and nothing to worry about.

There are plenty of other weird things your baby will show you, even some more in the diaper area. Some of these are more severe abnormalities that should have been picked up by the doctor before you left the hospital. Hopefully by reading this, you can avoid having to talk about if your baby’s poop is normal tonight. Have a great dinner!


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Although both of our special-needs foster-sons frequented Cook Children's in their formative years, they've pretty-much stabilized now. Still, we've found it is so imperative to stay alert, and help inexperienced parents occasionally. Thanks for continuing these incredibly helpful pieces!