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Waterproof Your Kids’ Feet from Burns this Summer

What sounds more refreshing right now than a trip to the pool or a water park?

While these popular summer spots are a great way to beat the summer heat, they can pose a danger to anyone not wearing shoes.

“Children often forget that the pavement is hot because they are wet and they aren’t feeling the heat as much, but any dry pavement that is out in the sun is a potential place for children’s feet to get burned quickly,” said Kara Starnes, D.O., medical director of Urgent Care at Cook Children’s.

Dr. Starnes says she’s seen patients who’ve suffered burns on their feet and suggests children wear water shoes while swimming so that if they step on hot pavement, their feet will be protected.

She’s also seen children injured from playing outside at home.

“If your children are like most, they like to run outside to play without a thought about shoes,” Dr. Starnes said. “An option to protect your children’s feet, especially at home, is to place interlocking foam pads down over pavement on patios or other areas where your children commonly play. While these pads do still get hot, it is not typically enough to cause a burn.”

So how do you know when burns are bad enough to seek medical attention? Dr. Starnes advises parents to seek treatment for burns on your child’s feet:

  • If there are blisters forming on the bottom of the feet.
  • If simple measures such as Tylenol or ibuprofen, aloe to the area or sunburn pain relieving sprays do not relieve symptoms.

Get to know Kara Starnes, D.O.

Dr. Starnes is the medical director of Urgent Care Services at Cook Children's. When a fever strikes or an ankle gets sprained after hours or on the weekend, Cook Children's urgent care centers are here to help. At Cook Children's urgent care centers, you can get things like X-rays, stitches, and care for illnesses that aren't life-threatening but need medical attention the same day.

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