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What can you expect from the Medical Advisor for Digital Health?

Cook Children’s has given me a new official title, Medical Advisor for Digital Health ... it’s a little formal for me but, you know?

I considered suggesting Physician Director for Social Media and Related Technologies (or MD for SMARTs) but the acronym was too obnoxious and we also have a whole department for that (shout out to Neurosciences. Those guys are brilliant).

I also thought about fighting hard for Physician Advisor for Facebook And Related Technologies (#acronym) but I thought that was probably too childish and, anyway, we have a whole department for that (shout out to GI).

I think that Cook Children’s decided to give me this role for one of a few reasons:

  1. I was the only one who wanted it…they looked around at me like the last kid in a pick-up game (oh, Ok. Yeah, I guess we’ll take him),
  2. They were sure that their readers and patients were suffering from a deficiency in mediocre jokes … A panel was convened with all the prominent specialists. Dr. Cantu (GI) and Dr. Perry (Neuro) look at each other in surprise: "We know a guy who writes tons of mediocre jokes!"  Problem solved.

I’m hopeful that going forward, no matter what their motivation, I will be able to provide you with some helpful information while frequently reminding you that we’re all in this together. I have been a general pediatrician for 5 years and have cared for thousands of families with every medical, parenting and social issue you could imagine. My families tell me I help them to be better parents. I aim to live up to their expectations, as well as you there reading what I write on a regular basis. As an avid reader, there’s rarely an article on pediatrics that I have not read. I am actively connected on social media so I see what topics are trending in the medical and parenting worlds. I have 3 kids all age 5 and under so I’m learning more and more (and more and more) about parenting every single day.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts. I will spend much of my time writing but we’re also looking to incorporate more video and other medium as well.  

What would you like to see us do?  We’d love to hear your ideas!  I don't mind sharing thoughts inside your pediatrician’s head (if anyone ever wanted to go in there).


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