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Stretching their wings

Teddy Bear Transport adds new jet to fleet

When you care for the most critical patients imaginable, every second counts for the Cook Children’s Teddy Bear Transport team.

That’s why the addition of a new Cessna Citation Encore + jet will make the team, already one of the largest transport programs in the nation, even better.

The new aircraft is special, providing its crew shorter travel times, a greater reach and more efficiently placed equipment to get critical need patients to Cook Children’s faster.

The new jet, made possible by a generous gift from Clarabele "Pit" Dodson, also provides capacity for two parents to be transported with the patient, if needed. The current plane only has room for one.

And the new jet can get to these patients faster than ever before. Transport will shave an entire hour off round trip when traveling to Odessa. The flight will take 45 minutes each way.

Plus, this new plane can travel nearly 1,400 miles farther in a day than the previous plane because it doesn’t have to refuel as often. Without the delay to get fuel, Transport will not be as restricted due to pilot duty time either (they have a maximum number of flying hours per day).

With nearly 2,500 transports each year, Cook Children’s Teddy Bear Transport is plenty busy and will make full use of its fleet of five ambulances, one fixed-wing airplane, a jet and one helicopter.

But the Teddy Bear Transport is about more than just getting to the patients. It’s the care that takes place once the team arrives that makes them really stand out. Currently, the transport team includes 54 pediatric nurses, respiratory therapists, paramedics and communications specialists with more than 400 combined years of experience.

“It’s not just the jet that can get to these kids faster. It’s Cook Children’s that can get to these kids faster,” Deborah Boudreaux, director of Transport said. “We are bringing the expertise of our care to our patients as soon as we walk through that door. I can now relay that information to the physician sooner and we can begin care at that moment.”



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