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STAR employee

New employee part of program to help kids across Texas

Colleen Rustin grew up in Fort Worth and graduated from the University of Arlington. But it wasn’t until she grew up that she learned about Cook Children’s.

In 2011, she shadowed a social worker in the Emergency Department, and after that day she knew Cook Children’s was the place for her.

“When I was at the medical center I felt so many positive vibes and I just can’t wait to be a part of that and to learn as much as I possibly can,” said Rustin.

Rustin, a licensed baccalaureate social worker, will be part of a brand new team called STAR Kids, the new Cook Children’s Health Plan. STAR Kids is a state level medical program that helps children across Texas. Cook Children’s recently built brand new facilities for their team and is in the process of hiring over 100 new employees.

Before working at Cook Children’s, Rustin worked with a mental health organization in Fort Worth. She hopes to go back to school in the next few years to receive her Master’s Degree in social work. And with Cook Children’s generous tuition reimbursement plan, she sees it as a very attainable goal. After getting her Master's, she hopes to return to Cook Children’s and build her career within the medical center.

- Written by John Davidson