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Our Top 10 Stories of 2016

A look back at our most compelling reads of the year.

You never know what story you'll find on our newsroom. 

If you want proof, read this diverse list of our most popular stories of 2016. We hope you enjoy our look back:

10. 7 Ear Infection Myths Every Parent Should Know. Parents flocked to this blog from Doc Smitty. Can your child go swimming with an ear infection? Do all ear infections need antibiotics? If your child gets ear tubes, will the infections stop?  All this and more was answered in this blog.

9. 7 Online Challenges This ER Doctor Warns Could Be Deadly Oh the Internet. Where kids do all kinds of things to get noticed and maybe go to hospital in the process. We asked our medical director of the Emergency Department to look at seven really silly, really dangerous dares that kids (or grownups for that matter) shouldn't try at home. 

8. Almond Milk: A Nutty Fad or Healthy Alternative. Almond milk sales have gone through the roof over the past decade. But is it the right drink for your child? Doc Smitty gave the answer in this informative piece. 

7. The Death of Ethan: A Life of Chronic Pain Ends in Tragedy. This is the most recent entrant in our list of top 10 stories. Only the fact that it was published in December kept this story out of the top five. We were so honored that Ethan's parents shared their son's story of a life filled with chronic pain. They want you to read it to learn about their son and hopefully help other children who may be suffering as well.

6. New Hope In Fight Against Deadly Brain-Eating Amoeba. The Lewis family holds a special place in the hearts of everyone involed in the Checkup Newsroom. Following the tragic death of their son Kyle to a brain infection caused by a water-born amoeba, Jeremy and Julie Lewis created Kyle Cares. Read their inspiring story as they fought to bring a drug to Cook Children's and other hospitals around the nation that may save children's lives.

5. 11 Tips That Could Save Your Daughter's Life.  In Janaury 2016, Rylie Whitten made national headlines after suffering one of the worst cases of toxic shock syndrome (TSS)  that her doctors had ever seen. Rylie's story moved us to run this informative piece on TSS that we hope every parent of a daughter reads.

4. A Sign From Heaven: Family Travels Across U.S. For Care at Cook Children's. A family's desperate search for answers on Google led them to Cook Children's. Read the fascinating story of what led this family to travel from Detroit, Mich. to Fort Worth, Texas, to be treated for a rare condition called hyperinsulinism.

3. The Most Common Rash You Never Knew About. Ever heard of molluscum contagiosum? We hadn't when Dr. Diane Arnaout wrote this blog for the newsroom. Dr. Diane's informative blog "that will save you and your child pain, money, time and anxiety" went viral quickly and became our third most read story of the year.

2. RSV On The Rise: 6 Things Every Parent Should Know. Here we are at the beginning of 2017 and we have been lucky in that we haven't seen much flu yet at Cook Children's. But we have seen plenty of RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), which explains the popularity of this great blog from Dr. Lizy Varughese.

1. Let's Learn Something: Bouncers, Jumpers and Walkers. Dr. Diane Arnaout's "Let's Learn Something" series was a big hit this year and none were bigger than this tale of caution. Dr. Diane's blog on how baby bumpers, bouncers and activity centers could play a role in your baby's motor delays is our most read new story of 2017. You've probably read this blog. But if you aren't one of the more than 117,000 readers who took a look, now's the time. And if you have read it, feel free to click again.

Well, that's it for 2016. Thank you all for reading. We'll be back with plenty more stories to tell in 2017.


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