Prosper, Texas,
16:54 PM

Good Morning America: Woman makes history as 9th Black female pediatric surgeon in US

 Kanika Bowen-Jallow, M.D., a pediatric surgeon at Cook Children’s - Prosper, is making national headlines. She was recently featured by Good Morning America for being a trailblazer as the ninth Black female pediatric surgeon in the United States. Dr. Bowen-Jallow was recognized earier this year for this role by the American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA). 

"I honestly had never thought about it before because there are so few of us, that’s always been my reality," Bowen-Jallow told "Good Morning America." "You’re just used to that."

Dr. Bowen-Jallow attained her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University and earned a medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch.

"I wanted to be a cardiothoracic surgeon and then I desired to be a neurosurgeon," Dr. Bowen-Jallow remembered. "Right before I decided to go into pediatric surgery, I wanted to be a plastic surgeon."

She said becoming a pediatric surgeon was an accident, but it was the best accident that could've happened. She also believes it was worth enduring all 17 years of higher education.

"I'd committed to doing plastic surgery and was lining up interviews," she said. "As I signed up for my acting internship (AI), I wanted to do general surgery and was informed there were no more spots available. My only option was pediatric surgery, and within three days I'd changed my career path. I knew pediatric surgery was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life."

"Working with children is instant gratification," Dr. Bowen-Jallow explained. "If you perform a good operation, perfect your technique and pay attention to detail. Children will recover well."

Kevin Greene, assistant vice president of Cook Children’s - Prosper, recruited Dr. Bowen-Jallow.

"She’s a great surgeon, she comes from great training and she’s really been able to inspire and connect with families," he told GMA. "She's someone who personally wants to provide the best care for every child that steps foot on our campus."

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