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Protecting your child's lips is da balm

A doctor's advice on chapped lips

Let’s face it, we aren’t exactly used to the winter in Texas. Sure it’s cold, but one day it could be 30 degrees and the next day, it’s 70. So sometimes we forget the importance of taking care of our children’s skin during the coldest months of the year.

Moisturizing children’s skin during the winter is important and that includes wearing protective lip balm.

“When children get chapped lips, they tend to scratch their lips with their tongues, which can lead to infection if there are germs on the skin,” said Frank McGehee, M.D., a Cook Children’s pediatrician. “Children should apply lip balm two to three times per day.”

Dr. McGehee recommends parents purchase an inexpensive variety of lip balm because many children are prone to lose small items like lip balm frequently. He also suggests the lip balm have sunscreen in it.

Speaking of sunscreen, people in warmer climates are especially susceptible to winter sunburn because it’s tempting to stay outdoors longer when the stifling heat of summer passes and the temperature is milder. Dr. McGehee said children should wear and reapply sunscreen every 60 to 90 minutes when they’re outside.

That information should last until next year, when we’ll probably forget again. After all, who wants to get used to this cold weather.


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Frank McGehee, M.D., continues a Cook Children's legacy that began more than 70 years when took over the office at 1129 Sixth Avenue in Fort Worth, near the medical center. For an appointment, visit here or call 817-347-6859. 

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