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Infant seat helps soothe Cook Children's NICU babies

Volunteer Michele Reynolds loves holding NICU babies. Who wouldn’t?

The NICU has many babies who need holding, but they can’t all be held at once. Reynolds never wanted a baby to be left alone with no one to hold them, so she decided to donate eight mamaRoos for the babies in the Cook Children’s NICU.

A mamaRoo® is a mobile infant seat that makes very rhythmic, natural movements that simulate things like a car ride, tree swing, ocean waves, and a parent rocking their baby. The mamaRoo was recommended to Reynolds by a Child Life specialist who had seen them make a huge difference in comforting distressed babies.

NICU Child Life specialist, Lauren Driscoll said, “I have seen inconsolable babies be quickly calmed and soothed by the mamaRoo. I have had staff share how overjoyed they feel by the mamaRoo’s ability to calm those patients. This is an incredible resource for our patients and I know without a doubt it is contributing to better developmental care and faster recovery.”

The mamaRoos stay with the babies who would benefit most from them, until they no longer need them or they are able to go home. With only eight mamaRoos in the NICU, there are still babies who could use one. Inspired by the Reynolds family’s gift, the Woman’s Board of Cook Children’s recently made a gift to the NICU for mamaRoo-related items.

“We are placing a fabulous order of more mamaRoos, covers, newborn inserts and a couple of extra power cords,” said Driscoll.

A mamaRoo helps to simulate the fluid motions these NICU babies would feel in utero. They provide comfort to babies who need it most. These mamaRoos are used in over 250 hospitals worldwide.

“Each baby deserves the love of a mom and dad and if they cannot have that, I want to do what I can to soothe them,” said Reynolds. “And if I can't be there, I want the nurses to have an available mamaRoo to make them feel as good as they can feel. Each of these little miracles needs the warmth and love of a body holding him/her as often as possible.”




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