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What is unique about pediatric leadership?

Episode 2: Pediatric Leadership: The New Medicine Podcast

Jason Terk, M.D., is a general pediatrician at Cook Children's Keller Parkway. He has held several positions of leadership in Cook Children's Health Care System. He currently servces with the Texas Medical Association as a member of the Council of Legislation and is the immediate past president of the Texas Pediatric Society.

Listen to episode 2 of Cook Children's podcast - Pediatric Leadership: The New Medicine.

Questions addressed:

  1. Have you noticed differences in leading in or advancing pediatric issues?
  2. What are some particular challenges in pediatric leadership?
  3. Moving forward, what are some particular issues in pediatrics where we need strong leaders to step in and lead?

Important links:

Texas Pediatric Society

Texas Medical Association

“Future pediatric leaders are waiting to step forward and it’s a matter of responding to the tap on the shoulder, the encouragement of a colleague to get involved.” – Jason Terk, M.D.

Jason Terk, MD-Cook Children’s Keller

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