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What is servant leadership?

Episode 3: Pediatric Leadership: The New Medicine Podcast

Today's guest on Pediatric Leadership: The New Medicine Podcast is Britt Nelson, M.D., is the president of the Cook Children’s Physician Network in Fort Worth where he oversees a large multispecialty group of pediatricians and subspecialists. I asked him to come on to the program to talk about leadership style because of us email signature.

What does servant leadership mean to you?

How has your thinking changed since you transitioned into this leadership role?

How do the principles of servant leadership serve you well as a leader in pediatric medicine?

How does an organization stick to their roots and culture when things are changing?


“Sometimes we have a crucial conversation about something that needs to be changed in order to make you better at what you do, about the way you think about things. “- Dr. Britt Nelson

“Always with a heart of: I want something better for you and for the patient you are taking care of.” – Dr. Britt Nelson

“Picture the child in front of you who needs what you are talking about. Will you go to war for that?” – Dr. Britt Nelson

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