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The challenges & triumphs of motherhood

We celebrate Mother's Day with three extraordinary moms.

Motherhood is a life-changing event and we celebrate them with these three stories:

8 isn't enough ... life with 9 children

Nine children, ages 3 to 19 years old, make Mother’s Day a pretty special time for Kristy Goodnight. After all, that’s a lot of hugs and kisses to go around ... But when you consider each child has his or her own special needs, life can be amazingly hectic and difficult. And what’s the biggest challenge for the mom of nine? Click to read more.

Dr. Mom: How motherhood changed me as a pediatrician

After completing 24 years of schooling and medical training, you’d think that once I graduated from pediatric residency, I’d know a thing or two about the health of children. And I did. I knew a lot ... Then, I was blessed to have a beautiful son...who decided that I needed to be re-taught a few things about children.

And by a few things, I mean everything. Click to read more.

How being a mom shaped her practice

I am a better pediatrician because I have experienced life as a mom. I know the tears and tiredness of a new mom and so when she cries at the new baby check I can tell her it's normal and she believes me. Click to read more. Click to read more.


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