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‘Thanks for sharing Mark. I #vaccinate too.’

Doc Smitty on why Mark Zuckerberg made the right decision

Mark Zuckerburg had his baby vaccinated and I don’t particularly care.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he had his baby vaccinated for his baby’s sake, but I don’t want it to affect your decision to vaccinate at all.

I don’t want your vaccine decisions to be based on what a celebrity does, even if that celebrity is one of the most brilliant guys around.


Because some other really smart person will choose next week to skip vaccines and then where will we be? No better off than getting vaccine information from celebrities like Justin Timberlake or Jenny McCarthy.

If you vaccinate, you are not alone.

Studies show that over 95 percent of you have chosen to vaccinate your children.

Does it feel like that to you?

Does the media portray it that way?

Does your social media stream reflect that vaccination is the overwhelming majority?

The answer, I believe, is no.

But, why?

Maybe it’s not cool or politically correct to vaccinate you child, or at least to say that you do.

Maybe it’s because you are afraid of the comments you will receive if you support vaccines or report that your child just received some.

Maybe you worry what would happen if you question that thousandth share of some 2012 Italian court case. (P.S. That decision, which was made in some really low level court in Italy, was thrown out by a higher court so just stop already with Italian court decision memes.)

I promise you the world wouldn’t end if you do. If you get a comment that is rude, it’s OK to ignore it. If you have an answer, answer. If you don’t know, get advice from someone who might know. Tag me.

So, I don’t care that it was Mark Zuckerberg who chose to vaccinate his child. But, I do appreciate when anyone speaks up to say, “I vaccinate my child because I believe it is what is best for them.”

Let’s start something today:

Share this post that you are reading right now and say, “Thanks for sharing Mark. I #vaccinate too."

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