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Project ADAM Q&A: School Nurse Shares Her Experience


Currently, 18 districts and 525 schools are designated as Heart Safe through the Cook Children's Project ADAM program. 

The Cook Children's Heart Center is a proud partner of Project ADAM, a national program with a mission to educate school systems, nurses, coaches, trainers, parents and others about pediatric sudden cardiac death. 

Project ADAM helps implement public access defibrillation programs (PAD) across Texas and the nation. The goal is to increase the awareness of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and establish emergency programs that help to provide a timely and lifesaving response.

Rosana Renzzo is the school nurse at Crow Leadership Academy in Arlington ISD. They became a Heart Safe School through Cook Children's in 2019. Below, Rosana shares how Cook Children's and Project ADAM have been beneficial for her school and others. 

crow AED pictureWhat motivated you to work with Project ADAM?

“As a school nurse, my motivation to work with Project ADAM was promoting SCA awareness and getting the staff at my school prepared to act in case of emergency. At Crow Leadership Academy, the emergency response team, aka AED team, has the understanding that being prepared to perform hands-on CPR and use the automated external defibrillator (AED) can double or triple a person’s chance of survival from SCA. Their motivation is being ready to act and save a life. During our drills they practice calling 911, starting compressions and attaching the AED pads to the victim’s chest in less than three minutes.”

How has Project ADAM impacted your daily life?

At Crow Leadership Academy, Project ADAM helped us understand the gap extends even to those trained in CPR, as to when to use the AED and why.”

What’s been the most beneficial Project ADAM resource for your school and/or district?

The guidance and support to create our AED team/emergency response team, AED drill videos, hands-on CPR training and AED wall signs."

Do you have any advice for schools/others that are on the fence about working with Project ADAM?

At Crow Leadership Academy, we film our AED drills so we can improve as a team. Our suggestion for other schools is to record the drill for team evaluation and improvement. We also started educating students in fifth and sixth grade, about SCA, CPR and AEDs. A good amount of our students live with their grandparents and they show great interest in learning CPR and when to call 911. Our suggestion is to promote a Heart Safe School week and involve students and parents to get information about heart disease and prevention.”

About Project ADAM

A Project ADAM Heart Safe School has successfully implemented a quality sudden cardiac arrest program of awareness, training and effective emergency response to promote a safe environment for students, visitors and staff as outlined within the Heart Safe School Checklist.

While Project ADAM Texas can serve as a resource for other organizations, the primary goal is to provide schools across Texas with the necessary tools and education to plan, fund and develop their public access defibrillation (PAD) program.

For more information, please visit https://www.cookchildrens.org/services/cardiology/project-adam/.