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Police officers: ‘We Support You’

Cook Children’s shows appreciation to DPD, FWPD, DART Police and security officers

Dallas Police Chief David Brown, Cook Children’s heard you loud and clear.

Hours after four policemen from his department and one officer from Dart had been killed and others wounded, Brown spoke at a press conference. His emotions were still raw following the pain a lone gunman’s rampage caused to his department and to his city.

“We don’t feel much support on most days,” Brown said. “Let’s not make today most days.”

Nancy Cychol, chief of Hospital Services at Cook Children’s, heard the chief and decided she wanted to do something. On Wednesday, July 13, the Cook Children’s family participated in “We Support You,” a card writing campaign.

In response to the shootings, Cook Children’s employees stopped by to write words of encouragement, sympathy and caring for the Dallas Police Department, DART officers, the Fort Worth Police Department and Cook Children’s own security team.

“It’s who we are at Cook Children’s,” Cychol said. “We take care of people. When people say they are hurting, our job is to get involved and help in any little way we can. I knew that we had people who wanted to do something and this is a positive way to show it. I hope that in the weeks to come the police departments in Dallas and Fort Worth, along with the DART officers and our own security officers, can start their shifts with reading one of our letters that says we do care. What Chief Brown said is what really touched my heart. They don’t even feel loved. That is really the motivation behind all of this.”

Jennifer Moore, a registered nurse in outpatient surgery at Cook Children’s, took the time to write her notes of gratitude during a break from her shift.

“I felt compelled to come down and show my support by writing a card to let them all know we care and love them,” she said. “We care about the officers who lost their lives and we care about their families that they left behind. We support every person that protects us every day. A lot of people care and appreciate the work they do. I wrote one for the police and one for our security officers here because it makes me feel secure to have them here. They make me feel safe at work.”

Leon Yates is one of the officers in Security Services. Yates served as a former military policeman for more than 20 years and has been at Cook Children's for 17 years.

“I have a lot of friends who are police officers and that’s been my background for the last 30 years,” Yates said. “I feel for the officers and what they are going through right now. The officers were there to protect everyone and then to see a fellow officer go down, that’s pretty tough. It’s been very hard to watch.”

Yates said he hopes events like the one held by Cook Children’s will bring healing to the officers.

Within an hour, more than 1,000 cards had been signed by staff. The cards will be delivered to each of the respective departments for their viewing. 

“That’s what life is all about, helping others,” Moore said. “That’s what we’re here to do – help other people and support other people. That’s why we’re here. Life is about relationships, building relationships and being there for each other. That’s what life is about. Right?”


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