15:15 PM

Physicians Share COVID-19 Fears and Advice Ahead of Thanksgiving

As families finalize holiday plans, Cook Children's doctors warn to stay home

Cook Children's Physicans Urge Thanksgiving Safety

As Tarrant County continues to see record COVID-19 cases, doctors across Cook Children’s Health Care System urge the community to avoid large gatherings for Thanksgiving. Instead of traditional celebrations, our physicians offer advice on how to connect with extended family and friends from a distance.

Physician names in order of appearance: 

  1. Dr. Diane Arnaout
  2. Dr. Alice Phillips
  3. Dr. Suzanne Whitworth
  4. Dr. Laurie Gray
  5. Dr. Bradley Mercer
  6. Dr. Daphne Shaw
  7. Dr. Kim Mangham
  8. Dr. Eriel Hayes
  9. Dr. Angela Hippeli
  10. Dr. Diane Arnaout
  11. Dr. Bianka Soria-Olmos
  12. Dr. Samson Cantu
  13. Dr. Ramon Kinloch
  14. Dr. Kim Mangham
  15. Dr. Alice Phillips
  16. Dr. Suzanne Whitworth
  17. Dr. Michelle Bailey
  18. Dr. Laurie Gray
  19. Dr. Ramon Kinloch
  20. Dr. Angela Hippeli
  21. Dr. Bianka Soria-Olmos
  22. Dr. Daphne Shaw
  23. Dr. Jason Terk
  24. Dr. Bradley Mercer
  25. Dr. Kim Mangham