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Pediatrician Shares The Laughter and Tears of Being a Mom

'Motherhood is more than I thought it would be'

Motherhood is more than I thought it would be – the good and the bad.

More laughter at his smile and more tears with his failures. More sleepless nights and worries from infancy to adolescence than I expected.

More pride at his accomplishments than I ever felt with mine. I feel blessed to have been given the gift of motherhood.

Even after years of education and training to become a pediatrician, nothing quite prepared me for the emotional aspect of being a mom. After years of practice, I am surprised of the new things that require decisions as a mother that were never in any textbook.

Now as my son is in mid adolescence and less time is spent on the everyday needs that young children require, I realize that I need to take in and savor the moments that remain of his childhood more and more.

One day I will miss making lunches and running out the evening before a concert or project is due to get that one thing he forgot. Today I will take a moment to take in the moments of motherhood. Daunting or Hilarious. They are all ones that helped me grow as a parent and raise a child.

Growing up

My son gave his first kiss away

He worried and planned it at length

After school, a private moment-scared, a smile and tender peck on the cheek

After I saw him in the rear view mirror, joyfully running to our car

He excitedly explains

I’ve catalogued so many memories with pictures and keepsakes

Enjoying each other together

Now I can only hope he will share-so I can imagine

Maturing and moving on confident, empathetic, loving and strong

Soon he will be ready to spread his wings

How my heart breaks yet soars for his

I never imagined growing up

Would be so difficult

Get to know Kathleen Powderly, M.D.

​​Kathleen Powderly, M.D., has been a pediatrician with Cook Children’s for 15 years. She is currently a pediatrician at Cook Children's Magnolia Office and a hospitalist at Cook Children’s Medical Center. She served as co-medical director of inpatient pediatrics for the last five years. She feels privileged to have cared for children and families in the Fort Worth community for her entire career. Listening to parents and collaborating with them in the development and health of their children is essential to her practice. Her specific interests include asthma and allergies, newborn care, medically complex issues, and emotional issues/behavior.

Outside of work, Dr. Powderly is married and the mother of a busy teenage boy. To make an appointment with Dr. Powderly, click here or call 817-985-3147. 


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Chris Ponsford
I've been blessed to know this incredible woman since she was a 7th grader! Kathleen is one of the best human beings l have ever known, and that she continues to bring light to the world, on both a personal and extended basis, is proof of Malechim El Yon, angels on a mission from God, here on Earth.