Fort Worth, TX,
16:00 PM

Opal Lee, Author Megan Jackson Visit Cook Children's Patients


Community activist Opal Lee and author Megan Jackson visited with patients Tuesday at Cook Children's Medical Center. They read Jackson's children's book “Words are Magic" live on our Child Life Zone TV and joined patients in activities in the Child Life Zone. Opal Lee Giving Hugs

“I want them [kids] to grow up and study hard so that you can run our country and not just be the president. Be a senator. Show the courage," Lee said. "We need strong young people so hurry up and grow up.”

“Study hard and make sure that what you speak is positive because when you speak things you believe it,” Jackson said.

Ms. Opal Lee, known by many as the “Grandmother of Juneteenth,” began “Opal’s Walk 2 DC” in 2016 at age 89. She started with the plan to walk the 1,400 miles from Fort Worth, Texas to Washington, DC in hopes of gaining support from Congress to officially name Juneteenth a national holiday. In 2021, Juneteenth was named a federal holiday.

The National Juneteenth Museum in Fort Worth will be open to the public in June 2024.