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Oosthuizen's 'scary moment'

Daughter's finger saved at Cook Children's


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FORT WORTH, Texas -- Louis Oosthuizen's two-year-old daughter Sophia nearly lost the ring finger on her left hand on Tuesday during an accident, but the team at the Cook Children's Medical Center managed to save her finger.

Oosthuizen said he was closing the bathroom door Tuesday morning at the place his family is staying for this week's Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial. Sophia was on the other side.

"Her finger was on the side of the hinges," Oosthuizen said. "It nearly cut off the finger completely."

Oosthuizen rushed his daughter to the emergency room at Cook Children's, which is located in Fort Worth and is the primary charity for the Crowne Plaza Invitational.

At the hospital, they met with Dr. Pamela Sherman, an orthopedic surgeon and hand specialistShe explained that it was important to repair the nail bed on Sophia's finger and give the new nail a chance to grow in order to save the finger. Dr. Sherman then performed the surgery.

"It was a scary moment," Oosthuizen said. "It was Sophia's first time under anesthesia. You never know what's going to happen.

"Dr. Sherman was great. ... She told us it's important to have the proper people doing it, and they have some of the best there."

Sophia will go to Cook Children's on Sunday for a check-up before the Oosthuizens return home.

Louis Oosthuizen is grateful for the attention his daughter received at Cook Children's.

"If I'm in doubt ever to have any surgery or something for my kids, I'll fly in to see them," Oosthuizen said. "The way they handled it, the way they spoke to us and treated the kids -- it was amazing to us.

"I didn't even know there were hospitals like that."

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Dr. Sherman is amazing. Her and her team also helped my daughter after a similar incident. A year later and we are amazed by her recovery. So glad we placed my daughter's health in her hands.We will always be grateful for her skills and expertise.
I am thrilled for the outcome of your daughter's finger surgery. My daughter had the privilege to work in the Pediatric ICU at Cooks for almost two years. She said it was the experience of a lifetime and would never hesitate to return there as an employee or urge families to take their love ones.Have a safe trip home!
nancy vogt
Cooks is probably the best in the world for children. They really know there stuff.