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Navigating transitions in leadership

Episode 6 - Pediatric Leadership: The New Medicine Podcast

The practice of pediatrics is changing rapidly. New ideas for payment models and care delivery models come and go. Navigating through those changes can send a practice or health care institution on a tangent that leaves the providers and staff feeling like they don’t have a compass. It is important during these times to have someone who can help put the new changes into context and help us to remain grounded on what is most important-providing the best patient care possible.

Navigating Transitions in Leadership

Frank McGehee, M.D., is a pediatrician in the Cook Children’s Magnolia clinic. He practices in an office that has roots in an 80-year tradition of providing excellent patient care to the children of Fort Worth. He has seen many changes in medicine, but still believes that the heart of pediatrics lies in his connection with families.

There are probably a bunch but what are a few of the big changes you have seen in pediatrics over your career?

How have you seen your role in leadership change over your career?

What do you see coming for you in leadership in the next few years?

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