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Jill Koss Honored By Garth Brooks for Child Life Zone Work

Jill Koss Honored By Garth Brooks for Child Life Zone Work

She’s got friends in high places.

Jill Koss, director of Family Support Services, showed up to a recent event to accept a donation of books and stuffed animals from Crown Council, an organization associated with Teammates for Kids. Country music singer and songwriter Garth Brooks is a major supporter of Teammates for Kids, which establishes Child Life Zone across the country, including the one at Cook Children's. 

Little did Jill know when she arrived that her part of the evening was actually to be honored by Crown Council.  Jill was surprised even more when she arrived on the platform and was told someone wanted to thank her. A video showed an emotional Garth singing the praises of Jill.

“I'm here to talk about the Zones. Love those things, man,” Garth said. “These things are like all stars, right? And when you think about all stars, all putting them on one team, try to pick an all star among the all stars. Truthfully, I'm here tonight to say thank you to Jill. Jill, you have been amazing. They say that sincerity, that time is a friend to sincerity. They say that time is the time revealer of character and sincerity. That is all you. I love you so much.”

Jill Koss ImageMegan Chavez, VP of Patient and Family Experience, said, “This recognition for Jill is another example of the great work she has done throughout her career to advance and support the lives of pediatric patients, not just here at home but even internationally, to help establish Child Life programs in other locations and even other countries. We are so lucky to have Jill as a part of our Cook Children's family.”

Child Life Zones are interactive patient spaces designed to foster the creative arts for patients and siblings. Cook Children's was the home to one of the original Aikman's End Zones, built in 1997. The current Child Life Zone at Cook Children's was completed in 2012. Troy Aikman and Garth both attended the opening of that event. 

The Child Life Zone at Cook Children's includes:

  • A state-of-the art recording studio and broadcast studio with an in-house TV station
  • The colorful Flipside Teen (Game) Room,
  • The Bomar Patient Library 
  • A large space for family activities
  • A sensory niche for patients who need a quiet, soothing space

The Child Life Zones allows kids a chance for free play or participate in schedule events, including live game shows. 

“Garth Brooks, along with his close friend Troy Aikman, have been instrumental in creating Child Life Zones in pediatric hospitals around the country,” said Grant Harris, SVP and chief development officer at Cook Children's.  “It is Garth's humbled passion to support patients and families through direct support of his foundation and his personal time. But we all owe Jill so much gratitude for her work in making the Child Life Zones a fun, educational and safe place for our patients and her families.”